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All vids are in .mov format and require QuickTime. You may also need the free DivX codec to play them.
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The Latest

One The West Wing vid:

  • You and Me, music by Lifehouse. Jed and Abbey's relationship may be tempestuous, but at its core is deep love and loyalty. (Spoilers through Commencement.)

Six Stargate: Atlantis vids:

  • Daylight Again, music by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. A look at the leadership and sacrifice during the first year of the Atlantis expedition. (Spoilers through Siege II.)
  • My City of Ruins, music by Bruce Springsteen. The city and its leaders.
  • Angel, music by Massive Attack. Atlantis and the lengths to which her residents will go to protect her. (Spoilers through Siege II.)
  • Prelude, music composed by Johann Sebastian Bach and performed by Yo-Yo Ma. Sheppard and Weir's relationship through the first season. (Spoilers through Siege II.)
  • Seven Days, music by Sting. A tongue-in-cheek nod to the shippers.
  • She Walks in Beauty, lyrics by Lord Byron and performed by Sissel. A Weir vid.